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My name is Anders Forselius and I am a Swedish marathon runner, long distance biker, and a freelance writer. Since 1994, I have been traveling all over the world running marathons and biking between many races. 

In October 2012, I became the first Swede to run a marathon in all 50 states when I crossed the finish line at the Des Moines Marathon. This journey started with the Boston Marathon in April 2011 and included almost 10,000 miles (16,000 km) of cycling.

On an earlier journey across America, I met a mother in California who had lost her son, Alex Blackburn, when he was just 12 years old. Alex had undergone a heart transplant at the age of 4 months.  His last wish was to have his ashes spread all over the world and his mother asked me to fulfill this request. Since 2008, Alex’s ashes have been traveling with me during my marathon and bike trips.  I have been running with his ashes in almost 100 marathons all over the world.  

I would ask you to please consider contributing to COTA (Children’s Organ Transplant Association), an organization that helps children and young adults financially during a heart transplant procedure.

I am also traveling with the ashes of Dan Fox from Missoula, Montana. I met his widow 2012 and she asked me to take him with me on my journey. Dan was an avid outdoorsman and mountain climber. His widow asked me to spread his ashes in the mountains throughout the world.

My current mission is to run marathons in as many countries as possible. I, along with five US marathoners, have started a new international marathon club called the Marathon Globetrotters. To provisionally join the club, a runner must have completed a formal marathon (or longer) race in at least 5 countries and we have collectively determined there are 254 countries available for our purposes.  To read our blogs, check our progress, or join, visit:

I am always running with a camera and post all my photos and race reports on my blog in Runner’s World Sweden. By clicking on the world map on this website, you will find photos from all my marathons.

My website will give you information about my travels and will hopefully inspire you to explore our beautiful world!


Happy biking/running!

Anders Forselius